Creating a team to bring your business to the next level can be super productive or it can be scary. Many bloggers don’t know where to start and how to implement a new team member into their business. Today I’m bringing you a simple and effective way of introducing team members to your editorial calendar using Trello.

As your business grows with the aid of amazing courses and systems, like Profitable Productivity, you’ll find you have more and more to do. This seems a little counter-intuitive, but by using systems like the one I’ve designed, you’ll start getting more done in less time. Which also means more profit. Which also leads to wanting to do more in the way of ads, or creating more content. You’re eventually going to get to the point where you recognize your strengths and favorite things to do, then hire out the rest.

Hiring out work can feel really scary. Whether you’re hiring on a Pinterest expert, a general VA or a photographer. It can all be scary when there is no standard for procedures or communications among the team. This is one of the many reasons I love Trello. Trello makes it easy for your stay in control of the content and delegation of tasks. It also allows for you to truly create a team atmosphere. Now everyone will be on the same page and working in the same direction, with an understanding of your expectations.

Watch this video for a detailed look at team management:

How to add team members to Trello:

  1. Make sure they have Trello. They will need to sign up for a free account – easy.
  2. Add members to all the boards within your “Team” or choose to add individual members to individual boards. If you choose not to add everyone to all the boards, I would suggest still having a master board that can serve as high-view planning, training, and communication.
  3. Have a Welcome list. This list should include cards for general communication, standard operating procedures, and any brand or template information your team needs to do their job.

How to assign tasks to team members:

  1. Assign team members to specific cards
  2. Create each team member their own list in a workflow fashion
  3. Assign each member a to-do label
  4. Communicate and tag within each card activity section.

When growing a business, you’ll find the need for trial and error. What works and makes sense for you and your team, may look different than what works for me and mine. That’s totally okay! As long as you can create a way to keep everyone on the same page, encouraged, motivated, and in-the-know of what’s going on, you’ll be good. Be open to suggestions and communication. Create videos on systems and processes you would like to follow and have your members do the same. Upload the videos to the board so all will have continued access to the material and cut down on confusion.

You’ve got this friend. Get out there and do great things!

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