This tutorial for adding or adjusting background music and audio in Adobe Premiere Pro. It’s just the tip for new food bloggers aiming to take their podcasts or tasty style videos to the next level.

Blue podcast mic to signify adjusting audio in adobe premiere pro
The Foodie Movement provides tutorials in Adobe products such as Premiere Pro.

Audio Effects in Adobe Premiere Pro

Abode Premiere can be a bit scary and daunting to new food bloggers, but the drive is there to produce high-quality videos and interesting audio transitions for the best user experience of their audience. Whether you’re editing a podcast for yourself, a client, or are adding some interesting voice overlays in a Tasty style video to stand out – this easy tutorial is for you.

Adjusting the Audio Volume in Adobe Premiere Pro

Adjusting the audio can be done in a few simple steps depending on your desired outcome.

  • Applying intro and outro defaults
  • Overlaying multiple tracks into one sequence
  • Adding keyframes to your audio track for a gradual increase or decline in volume
  • Adjusting the overall volume of a track through the custom db option.

Watch the Video Tutorial


How to apply intro and outro defaults in audio | Image tutorial

Adobe Premiere Pro comes with some effects for both video and audio transitions built in. While you can certainly purchase other transitions out in the marketplace, you’ll find one of the most common just a right-click away.

After adding the MP3 or WAV file to the sequence, bring your cursor to the beginning or the end of the clip. You’ll see a red bracket appear. Right-click at the red bracket and choose “Apply Default Transition”. This will add a smooth increase or decrease in the volume. This can be applied at the beginning or end of any audio clip, even if there are multiple clips in one sequence.

A sequence of still image clips from the video tutorial, showing how to right click a mouse for the option to apply the default transitions in an audio clip.
A simple right-click of the mouse shows the option to apply the default increase or decrease in an audio clip when using adobe premiere pro cc.

Additional Effects for adjusting audio clips

You can also make adjustments to the audio clips themselves following these steps.

  1. Right click on the audio file you wish to edit.
  2. Adjust speed/duration to change the rate and length of the audio clip. Please note this will distort the audio to some compacity compared to the original file.
  3. Audio gain is another option for enhancing the audio output in the case adjusting the volume level is not enough.
  4. Adjustments to audio channels can be made here as well.
  5. Show clip keyframes will allow you to see the detailed keyframes within the sequence as well as the effects control module.
Audio clip sequence from adobe premiere pro shows additional options for audio editing.
Extra adjustments such as gain, speed, etc. can be made quickly and easily by right-clicking the entire audio clip in the sequence.

Many options in Adobe Premiere

If you haven’t figured out by now, there are a ton of opportunities for creating and editing right within Premiere Pro. Don’t be afraid to get in with a video you really don’t care about, and just start tinkering with things. If you have any questions or tutorials you would like to see, please send me an email or leave a comment and I’ll be sure to respond!

Happy Creating!


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