Whether you’re creating your own photos from the content on your blog, or purchasing photos from stock sites; it can feel as though you’re running out of options with what to post on Instagram. I’m showing you how to save time and money with how to get 12 Instagram Posts from 1 Photo. Check out the video tutorial and see how you can plan out 1 post a month for an entire year, from just one photo.

Instagram Tutorial banner with plant

As a food blogger, sometimes it can feel like we’re showing our audience the same thing over and over. We don’t want to spam them with the same recipe or same video, of course. But there are times when the algorithm changes and suddenly you feel left stranded. Because of the recent Pinterest changes in their algorithm, and their demand for fresh, new content monthly, I’ve been coming up with new strategies. These strategies include helping me plan my Pinterest and Instagram shares monthly. It may seem like more steps on the back end, but once you get into a rhythm, you’re batching your content and saving time.

Original image used for the tutorial.

Saving Money by Re-purposing Content

Now, granted this particular image above is not a stock photo, the concept is still the same. Using one photo, you can crop, add overlays of text, and set the stage for different stories. This is a huge money saver if you aren’t taking your own photos but are instead purchasing them off of stock sites or hiring a professional. No longer talk yourself out of making one of the biggest and best investments to your brand – photography – because you can “only use the image once and then it’s done.” Not so my friend.

Not only can you use the same images across multiple platforms at different times, but you can also crop images. Using one of my favorite places for free stock photos, you are able to crop and alter the images to your heart’s content. You can also take images yourself, and from one image pull 12 different photos as you see below.

How to Choose what Image to use

Obviously, not every image is going to work for this. However, in looking for ones that will, here are some things to consider:

  • How much negative space is available for text?
  • Is there enough action or layering in the scene?
  • Can the parts of the photo tell a story on their own or do they require the full picture?
  • Can parts of the photo be used in a generic sense? For example, the crops in the photos above without the muffins could be used in more generic storytelling.
  • When cropped, are the aspects of the photo still in focus and follow photography rules? Can it be cropped to still hold true to photography strategies such as the rule of thirds?
  • When cropped down, does the image still fit with your Instagram theme? Does it look out of place?

Not every image will be able to yield 12 sub-images, but you can get more than just one for sure!

How to plan your Instagram

“Okay, Katie, I have my photos. Now what? How can I keep track of them?”

Let me tell you, friend. The biggest lifesaver when it comes to batch making your content and scheduling in advance is, of course, a scheduling tool! I love Tailwind for this. Tailwind isn’t just for Pinterest anymore. You can use Tailwind to plan your Pinterest and your Instagram for the year in the same module. Not only that, but Instagram posts can now double as pins for Pinterest. Double win!

All this to say, work smarter – not harder.

You’ve got enough going on, trying to run a business and all. Start batching your content and getting the miles out of your photos.

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