The Mission of The Foodie Movement

The Foodie Movement was founded by Katie Chase in late 2017 with the start of The Foodie Movement Podcast. The creation of The Foodie Movement was brought to life by a desire to educate, equip, and encourage multi-passionate entrepreneurs within the foodie community, who have an ultimate desire of feeding themselves and the nations.


The Foodie Movement website serves as a base hub to encourage the growth of foodie entrepreneurs through free and paid education. The site houses free tutorials and content essential to running a business, styling food scenes, picking out props, learning photo and video creation, workflows and much more.


Equipping foodies here on the website is not limited to technical abilities. The content found on the website as well as paid programs such as 1:1 mentoring, serve to equip entrepreneurs with the wisdom, knowledge, confidence, and tools they need to mentally and technically take on the task of living out their dreams. Constant research and sharing of new tools, expectations, systems, etc. are shared here as applied to the foodie community in way of preparing business owners for the next step in their journies.


As part of The Foodie Movement roots, we encourage believing in yourself and each other through the building of community and confidence. Opportunities for connection and group style encouragement come in the form of free content, paid mentorship, live events, free online communities, and paid program specific closed communities. The Foodie Movement Podcast specifically shares inspirational stories and action steps from and for food entrepreneurs in each step along their business journey.


The Foodie Movement recognizes a large part of the calling placed upon foodie entrepreneurs is the literal love of food and healing through eating. Many foodies are taking the opportunity of the need to eat every day and turning it into a business. The Foodie Movement is committed to feeding our supporters in the way of lucrative affiliate programs so they can continue to feed their family and creative souls. The Foodie Movement is also dedicated to supporting a number of non-profits through a percentage of sponsorships and paid programs used to generate income.