Today on the Foodie Movement Podcast, I am interviewing Kami Kilgore. Kami is the creator of the annual Everything Food Conference hosted in Layton, Utah, just outside of Salt Lake City. In just 3 short years, EFC has grown into being the largest, highest-quality, and MOST anticipated food influencer event of the year.

Kami Kilgore of the Everything Food Conference

About Kami

Kami and her team work tirelessly year-round to recruit high-quality engaging speakers and sponsors who value working with food influencers while creating a warm, welcoming environment conducive to building longlasting relationships.  Everything Food has been described as ‘a home for food bloggers’ and ‘the most important event you’ll ever attend as a food influencer’.

Kami currently resides in Austin, Texas with her husband and 3 children.


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Questions answered during the podcast about the Everything Food Conference:

  • How long has EFC been around?
  • Do you have a Food Blog also?
  • How did you come up with EFC?
  • What mindset tips do you have for bloggers?
  • What is the Everything Food Conference? Where did it start and how has it changed?
  • What events take place at the Everything Food Conference? What opportunities are available to Food Bloggers?
  • Can Everything Food Conference be beneficial to introverts?
  • How are the speakers and workshops chosen for the Everything Food Conference?
  • What was one of your favorite moments from Everything Food Conference 2018?
  • What are the important dates and sales of the 2019 Everything Food Conference?
  • Where can we find all the social outlets and up-to-date information on the Everything Food Conference?

Podcast Episode Takeaways & Important Links:

  • Kami is the creator of Everything Food Conference – the gathering place for foodies and brands.
  • EFC takes place in Salt Lake City, Utah annually and is in it’s fourth year running.
  • Kami started out as a food blogger at No Diets Allowed.
  • No Diets Allowed is still running and holds health challenges every six weeks. Sign up here. 
  • No Diets Allowed was only 18 months old when Kami attended a conference and got the idea to launch EFC.
  • Understanding negative talk and how to stop it in it’s tracks to take back control of our own mindset, is a game changer!
  • EFC is all about connection. Connecting brands with bloggers, bloggers with other bloggers, equipping and educating them all about their place in the foodie community.
  • Opportunities for bloggers at the conference include but are not limited to: workshops, speed-dating with brands, and interacting with it’s approximately 700 attendees.
  • This is a safe place to get uncomfortable as an introvert.
  • There is a Facebook Group and a Twitter chat (#efc2019) that is available to help attendees connect with each other before arriving.
  • Kami delivers what is asked of her. Experts are researched and selected based on the attendees needs. Experts are the top in their fields and provide high-quality, and engaging content with actionable takeaways.
  • Kami loves connecting with everyone through hugs and emails – so be sure to reach out with anything!

Kami of the Everything Food Conference

Kami Kilgore of the Everything Food ConferenceWasn’t she amazing? So sweet and genuinely concerned with showing up and making waves in, and for, the foodie community. If you are interested in learning more about Kami and her event, head over to the FAQ section of the webiste or email her with any questions, suggestions etc. You can also find Kami and every other excited, intro and extroverted foodie over in the Facebook group or as part of the Twitter party chat using #efc2019.

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The Foodie Movement Podcast Transcript

Welcome to the Foodie Movement Podcast. Today I am meeting with Kami. Kami is the creator of the renowned Everything Food Conference that takes place every year in Salt Lake City. It’s a gathering place for foodies and brands to get together, learn from, and inspire each other.

I’m super excited to have Kami on the podcast today, answering questions about EFC, and showing up in real life – as a real life foodie. Welcome Kami!

Thank you so much for having me, I’m honored to be here.

I’m super excited to have you here. I am a dreamer of attending EFC, and I know once our listeners hear about it, I know those who have been there, are gonna be like, “Yes, it’s the best, go!” And those that haven’t are gonna be like, “Okay, how do I get there?” Because it is thee place to be if you are anyone who’s anyone in the Foodie Community.

Awe, thank you. It’s been fun to see how fast it’s grown. Even though it’s growing to be such a large size, me and my team are really focused on making sure we create a sense of community, and a welcome feeling. It’s just been great.

How long has EFC been around?

In what year is this of EFC?

So, next year it’ll be our fourth year.

That’s awesome. It’s so funny, because I feel like you’ve been doing it forever, because there’s always this build-up, there’s always this excitement. It’s not as if it’s brand new. It feels like it’s been around for 10 plus years. Because everybody knows it. If you’re in the Foodie Community, you know what EFC is, and it just spurs everyone’s blogs and brands from what I can see. Everyone’s just so excited for it every year. I love it.

Awe, thank you. We work really hard to create; because that’s exactly, all the things that you just described are what you feel at the actual event. So, any promotion, build-up, we want to have that really positive sign, and height energy, feeling leading up to it. Because that’s exactly how it is. It’s just so much fun. Height energy, positive, motivating, all of those things at the event. So, thank you. We try really hard to have that feeling all year round.

Kami Kilgore of No Diets Allowed – a health food blog

Awesome. Well, before we dive into more specifics about EFC, can you tell our listeners about yourself? Who is Kami outside of, and maybe before EFC even came into being?

Yes. I would love to.  So, I started a food blog called No Diets Allowed. I’m a registered nurse, and I love food, as we all do. I have a dairy sensitivity, so I had been creating recipes that were dairy-free. We would have people over for dinner, and people would love it, and ask for a recipe, and my husband would joke. Because I would get out a pen and paper, and I would write down the recipe to give to our friends.

So, my husband was like, “Well, why don’t you start a blog? Let’s get a blog out so you’re not getting out a pen and paper and writing down…” Because I was just creating these recipes, so it’s not like I really had a reference or anything.

I started a blog, and I loved creating recipes, and sharing food, and I loved the photography. I have found for me, my hiccup was truly figuring out how to be vulnerable on my food blog. It was a roadblock that I had, and I knew that I needed to figure it out for me to be successful. So, I decided to go to a conference.

I kind of felt this draw that there was something bigger I was supposed to be doing. I feel really passionate about food, but I just felt that there was something I was missing with my own blog that I needed to expand somehow, and I didn’t know how.

So, I attended a conference, and within hours of that conference, it was like a light bulb, I knew I needed to create a really high quality food blogging conference. In the lobby at that conference, I jumped with both feet in. I had never planned an event in my life. I was so naïve going into it, but I just knew in my gut this is what I was supposed to do.

I picked my colors, I kind of wrote down my “why”. Why am I creating this, what’s this feeling I want to have at the conference? But, right then and there, I decided. Then I went home and told my husband, “Hey, this is what I’m going to do.” He’s always been supportive, but … Yeah, I’m actually grateful I was so naïve going into it, because of all the blood, sweat, and tears that has gone into it.

But, yeah. I started my food blog, but it was because I needed to understand this wonderful community to be able to provide exactly what they wanted.

I love that. That’s perfect, yes. You definitely have to be in it to know it, really. What a crazy, awesome, loving, stressful community it really is.


No Diets Allowed. So, do you still have that blog?

I do, yes.

I actually run a health challenge every six weeks. That has been one of my most successful focus. So, I focus on helping people break unhealthy habits, and create healthy habits. So, I do actively still run a challenge on my blog. I post recipes occasionally. And actually, this last year, I had an awesome team of three other bloggers who contributed to my blog.

But my true passion has become more on the business side. With my conference, and helping other people succeed, I found that that was my true passion. I really love helping other people catch the confidence that they can achieve whatever they are dreaming of. It is achievable. That’s where my true passion is.

What was the creative process for coming up with the Everything Food Conference?

Awesome. How long did you have your blog before you decided to jump into creating Everything Food Conference?

So, I had it for about 18 months. Not long.

Yeah. That is super short. But that’s amazing! It really is amazing. It’s definitely a testament to time really just is no limit, or no factor.

I feel that’s something that a lot of food bloggers, kind of, struggle with is … And I’ve struggled with that mindset too. “Oh, I’m not gonna be anyone, or get anywhere until five, 10 years down the road.” That’s just really not the case.

It’s not true. I love to share my story. And I talked about vulnerability a little bit, but that was my hold back on my blog. But, I have found although it’s out of my comfort zone, I think I’ll say that. But, I have felt the need to be able to share my failures, to help people realize that on the road to successful are several, several failures, and rejections, and mistakes. I feel I’ve probably made every single one of those, over, and over, and over again.

So, I had no experience planning events. I had no funding, and I really had no name, at all, in the food blogging community. I really wasn’t anybody, as you would say, in the space. But, I felt in my gut what I was supposed to do, and there was a lot … Everything was stacked against me, but it was all about my mindset.

So, if you have the right mindset, it doesn’t matter when you start, or what your following count is. If you have the proper mindset, your success is unlimited.

Mindset Tips for Food Bloggers

That’s awesome. And I’m gonna ask it now, I would typically hold this ’til the end, but it’s so good, I want to keep going right here.

So, if someone is struggling with mindset, what have you found that works in kind of getting out of that rut? Have you taken part in masterminds, or specific, maybe books? Or hiring a coach, or a mentor? Anything? What has helped you to get out of that mindset?

Great question. So, controlling my mindset has been a long process.

First I … Many, many years ago, I was in an unhealthy relationship, and an emotionally abusive relationship. Prior to that relationship, I had never struggled with depression, or anxiety, or negative thinking. That wasn’t part of my nature. But, from that unhealthy relationship, I, for the first time, was experiencing deep depression, anxiety, and a lot of negative thinking.

Really, my road to working on my mindset started many years ago. The first step for me was realizing that I could not continue in this overwhelming flooding of negative thinking. I think sometimes we are not aware of how we’re talking to ourselves. So, I think that that is the first thing, is start to becoming aware.

So, when I started having a bad feeling, like, you know those you get it in your gut, or you start feeling stressed, or you feel overwhelmed, or feeling anxiety, I started to train myself that I would stop. Literally stop, right in that moment. I would grab a pen and paper, and write down the thought that was in my head. So, I needed to start making myself aware of what I was telling myself.

For me, it was really eye opening, because I … Sometimes we just get into this negative default thinking, and we’re not even aware of the negative messages that we’re giving ourselves. So, that is my first challenge to anybody who is struggling. If you feel overwhelmed, if you feel frustrated, if you feel like you can’t ever get there. All those negative thoughts, my challenge is for one week, just one week, when you have those feelings, it has to be a deliberate choice, that you stop in that moment, and start being aware of what you’re saying to yourself.

Once you start writing down and understanding how you negatively talk to yourself, because in those moments, any of those negative feelings, there is some negative thought that you are thinking. Either you’re not good enough, somebody’s better than I am. I just have nothing of value. There’s just so many things that we tell ourselves. And until we can identify how we’re talking to ourselves, there’s no way to strategically over come it.

That is one thing I’ll really advocate for is that overcoming these negative thoughts, and this process, you have to have a strategic plan in place. So, even now, when I have challenges, and I have … And I still have times I want to quit. But, I already have my plan in place. I know that when I have a negative thought … And it depends on what level it is. But I still do the same thing. When I am having any of those negative things, I stop, and I figure out what message I’m saying to myself.

Then, I have a series of questions that I ask myself. Such as, “Okay, is this thought even valid?” Is there any merit behind this? If I have a thought, “Nobody would ever want to come to EFC.” That’s an example. Nobody would ever want to come to EFC. So, I say to myself, “Does that comment have any merit?” And even if just one person, just one person would want to come to EFC, it makes that thought not valid.

So, then I start training my brain to be like, “Okay. There’s one person out there who would want to come to EFC. So, if there’s one, maybe there’s two, and maybe there’s three.” So, focusing on the positive of that thought, and then I push through.

But, it can be so debilitating and that is the difference between people who succeed and the people who quit. Is the ones who push through the negativity, and keep going anyway, and do their best. Or we can choose to accept those negative thoughts, and we decide to quit.

Really, there’s really only those two paths. I encourage everybody to start being aware of how you talk and then, for me, I love listening to podcasts, and to eBooks. Then also to some really great Ted Talks. There’s several that I have found but I love to flood myself with positive messaging and because if you flood yourself with positive messaging it’s easier to get your mindset positive and to just get back up and try again.

That’s awesome advice. I love it. I can’t even add anything to that.

Well, thank you.

What is the Everything Food Conference? Where did it start and how has it changed?

So, you told us how you kind of came up with the idea about the everything food conference, can you tell us more about really what it is and kind of where it started, maybe what it’s morphed into, is it everything that you kind of dreamed it would be from the beginning or has it just kind of taken off in more ways than you could’ve imagined?

Yes, it has definitely taken off in more ways than I ever imagined. So, when I first started, my vision was to create something for intermediate to advanced professional food bloggers and influencers and that has been my same goal and message through the whole thing. But it has created more opportunities where I am able to really help with the networking between brands and influencers. I have amazing relationships with several food influencers that have opened up into even more opportunities and I have a lot of things that are in the works. I have some other projects, now the EFC is getting a great foundation, we want to expand to meet our tribe even better. So, yes, our mission has been the same, to provide more advanced content and to help people push to that next level, but what it has become and how quickly and how big it has grown. I never foresaw that it was going to become such an amazing opportunity and what a blessing it is for me and just … I can just pinch myself and feel so honored to be in this position and really, it blows my mind.

What events take place at the Everything Food Conference? What opportunities are available to Food Bloggers?

So, tell our listeners the types of aspects of EFC, like work shops and getting to actually sit down and meet with brands at the round table, like tell us all the things that are involved in EFC.

Yes. So, the craziest thing is I’ve just asked people what they want and I give it to them. That’s pretty much how the conference has grown as quickly as it has. So, my post conference survey, I eat up every single word and we make changes and improvements and tweaks and the people that are on my survey, I do everything I possibly can to get them to come and speak at my conference. So, things have definitely expanded from my first year to now simply because of attendee feedback and we will not stop until it’s absolutely perfect. So, attendees want … because we anticipate 700 attendees this next year, people want more hands on, more smaller intimate settings, so we have things like our pre-conference work shops, these are hands on work shops and they are limited and these are additional, so these are additional fees on top of their full conference ticket and they’re all optional, but they provide exactly that, hands on, applicable, and every speaker that I choose, whether they’re doing work shops or they’re doing presentations, I instruct them to give tangible takeaways.

I tell them their goal is to prepare their presentation with ten actionable items leaving that session. Whether they have time to get deep into all of those ten things, that’s also how I filter out speakers that I choose because I want them to be able to be so in depth in a certain topic that they can provide true actionable tips and strategies. I don’t want high level content where they just kind of blink it, hey, you need to do email marketing, email marketing is good, I don’t want that type of content at my conference. I really want people to have actionable things leaving from each workshop and each presentation on how they can immediately implement to improve their business.

So, we have the pre-conference workshops and I’m really excited. We announce those a little bit later and tickets go on sale, but they’re really awesome workshops. And then, I also created an event called speed networking. So, it’s kind of like the speed dating concept where you have these mini speed meetings one on one with the brand representatives and that has become one of the most invaluable portions of my conference. We’ve had several success stories of where influencers and brands have left my conference with ambassadorships and sponsorships in place leaving my conference and that one on one time, no matter how advanced technology gets, it will never replace being able to be in front of a person face to face and having that time with brands, especially the brands. So, I’ve already done all the education on working with food bloggers and influencers. I’ve already done the selling on the portion on how they need to expand their influence or marketing.

So, coming to a conference like everything food conference where they already know the value of food bloggers and then you have the opportunity of being face to face with them. This is where true opportunities lie and where you can come away with some really strong relationships, even if something isn’t solidified, but being able to have that face to face time where they meet you in person and they will be able to remember you is really valuable. So, I focus … so, the quality of workshops and presentations is one aspect, second is networking with brands and the third is networking with each other.

Again, there have been relationships built between blogger and blogger that have also helped expend their business and grow. There’s a lot of relationship building that is … there’s just nothing that can compare to being able to be in a room … everybody in that room are food bloggers or food influencers. All the brands in there want to work with food brands and food influencers and then all of my speakers also come prepared specifically presenting to food bloggers and food influencers. So, if you come with the right mind set, and I know a lot of my attendees are not, they don’t usually do massive social events that … it makes them a little uncomfortable, they may be a little bit more introverted, they don’t like these type of events, but the ones who come and push themselves a little bit out of their comfort zone have made such valuable relationships that have tripled their income. People are kind and just send me little emails and just say, “Kami, at everything food conference I made this relationship or I met this person or I learned this concept and because of that one thing or ten things or whatever, my business has grown ten times, I’m making three times the amount I was or my traffic has grown.” It just is so fun for me because that’s exactly why I created this is to help people feel inspired, motivated and go out and be successful.

Can Everything Food Conference be beneficial to introverts?

I love that. EFC is definitely from kind of the outside looking in, it definitely seems to be like an introvert’s safe place because for whatever reason, pretty much every food blogger likes to say that they are an introvert and I’m one of the first ones to be like oh yeah, I’m an introvert and then I have people that look at me and they’re like, are you kidding me? You’re a huge extrovert. I’m like, okay, well maybe I don’t know what these words mean. I don’t know. I feel like I’m an introvert and they’re like, no, you are so extroverted and of course now Facebook has those little badges that come up next to your name and mine always says conversation starter. I’m like, okay, maybe I’m not an introvert, I don’t know.

People just have different comfort levels. So, some people can be … for me, actually doing video and being online is actually uncomfortable for me, even though I’m an extrovert, video or even doing podcasts, these things are out of my comfort zone but for some reason in live events when I’m in front of a group of 700 people, and doing face to face interaction, that isn’t uncomfortable for me. That part I enjoy. So, I think we just have different personalities and people are so expressive in their writing and so artistic with their photography and their editing and all that type of stuff. I think we just all have different personalities and different strengths, because for me, I don’t feel as expressive or as clear in my writing and a lot of bloggers, I read their writing and they just can paint such a beautiful picture as their writing. So, I really respect people who can be vulnerable in writing and I have found that I can just be vulnerable in person.

So, I really do try because I know that we all work behind computer screens and this can be something that is really intimidating and uncomfortable and we have a lot of things in place to help break down those barriers and if I could, I would hug every single 700 persons that are in there. I realize this feeling at the event completely starts with me. I’m the one who can control the feeling in that room and everything that we are planning and how we plan the event is to make you feel comfortable, to make you feel welcomed, loved, valued, appreciated. Everything we do is to create that feeling in the room because I do know that this is uncomfortable for a lot of my attendees to attend such a large sociable event.

Right, not to mention for a large event and an introvert to be at, it would be easy for an introvert to actually kind of shrink away and hide and not get the full experience of it really. What kinds of things do you have in place to help those that are maybe more introverted to kind of come out of their shell and meet other bloggers and build those relationships?

So, leading up to the conference, we encouraged interaction in the Facebook group and so, usually in the Facebook group, people are like, ah, this is my first time, I’m going by myself, I’m so nervous and then 30 other people will chime in and say, hey, me too, let’s meet up and where are you staying. So, even before the event starts to take place, people … because that’s the irony, if you’re feeling nervous about going to this event, you’re not alone. You’re not alone. You’re going to be in a room full of people where 75% of them are feeling uncomfortable going to such a big event. So, first of all, know that you’re not alone and that my Facebook group has great conversation and people just start naturally making friends and then they start messaging each other and so, they make the connection for that and then every Monday night before the conference, I have a big Twitter chat and it’s so much fun, I end up giggling through the whole thing because people are so funny and they’re just so excited and they talk to each other and so, it’s already good conversation before the conference even begins and then the second that you walk in, we prep our volunteers, I do my best to be at that front desk when people walk in and I will greet you with a smile and a hug and we have food and you get your name tag and it’s just fun from the very beginning. And then we just have a whole bunch of events throughout. I do an opening keynote and I give tips and suggestions on how to not feel comfortable and right in my opening keynote I get everybody up, they hug each other, So, we just really focus on having a friendly, just all the broken down. I feel like there’s a lot of negativity out in the world. A lot of contention, and I want to be able to control the space, that for these few days, within these walls, there’s no contention, there’s no differences that are pulling us apart. We can just be in a room. We all love food, and who can argue about food. We all love food. Just really focus on building that community and that connection.

How are the speakers and workshops chosen for the Everything Food Conference?

That’s awesome. I love that you open up the conference as you really, the first primary speaker. How do you go about choosing what speakers and workshops are going to be for the event that year?

I ask my attendees and they tell me. It’s pretty much that simple. I do a lot of research on certain topics because … I also, in my survey ask what content that they want to learn about. So, if there’s somebody that they recommend as a speaker that I don’t feel is quite the best fit for content that we’re still looking to them, I will do research. I really have become really close friends with a lot of top influencers. So I’ll reach out to them and say, “Hey, this is the topic that I’m looking for a really great speaker, so if you were to go and research this, if you wanted to know on an advanced level, who would you go to learn this from?” And because I have such great friends who are willing to you know, share their ideas.

So, a lot of it, the whole purpose of Everything Food is I want to create what you want. This isn’t about me, this is about my attendees. I want to bring the people that they want to learn from. Really, it’s my survey, and I will reach out to my food blogger friends and ask them. After I get the list of names, I go and I just do a lot of research.

If they have a podcast. Several of them, I already know who they are, but I do research and have some type of experience with either a podcast, some of their videos, kind of see how they present, and their personality and their style. Because I just need to make sure that they are on point with my brand, which is to be positive, and motivating. Because, I just don’t want any negativity. It goes along with just a lot of … I have to make sure I have the right people in the room, because I feel like they’re an extension of me. If one person … One person who’s really, really negative can effect the event.

So, I am very particular and I just make sure I cross my Ts and dot my Is.

If you’re on the fence about attending Everything Food Conference

Perfect. What would you say to someone that is on the fence about going?

I would want to know why. Again, I’m all about just giving you whatever you want. So, I don’t really need to pitch me. I’d want to know why they were on the fence, and to see what I could do to help overcome that concern.

Awesome. So, listeners, if you are on the fence, reach out to Kami and she will help pull you over.

Yeah. Tell me. If there’s something … I would love to know, actually. Tell me why you’re on the fence, and I will do everything in my power to correct it, and provide if it’s within my power.

But, yes, I’m here to give you what you want.

One of your favorite moments from Everything Food Conference 2018

Awesome. Okay, so, one of my last questions here, before we get into the details for this coming 2019 EFC. I’m sure there are different things every year, but let’s use 2018 as an example. What was one of your biggest rewards or take-aways from hosting the conference?

Hmm, that’s a great question. I had so many people coming up to me.

So, I had a baby one month before last year. It was kind of a crazy time. But afterwards, people coming up, and giving me hugs. People were crying. People just sincerely grateful for the event, and thanking me for doing it, and not giving up. Nothing greater. There’s no amount of money, there’s no amount of prestige. The fact that a few … Dozens of people just coming, and grabbing me, and hugging me, and saying, “Thank you.” I get emails telling me that they were going to quit, but because of EFC, they’re pushing through, and they’re having success. That is my reward. That is my reward. Seeing people being touched, and motivated, and inspired. That is the greatest payment for me.

It sure is. That is one of the best things about the Foodie Community. I’ve had enough businesses, and jobs, and whatnot, to … I’ve worked my way around. I was a seamstress, I was a graphic designer. I’ve kind of done it all. And there is no industry or community quite like the Foodie Community. Everyone is so positive, and willing to help each other. There’s that real community-over-competition mindset over the entire Foodie Community. I mean, sure, there’s a few bad eggs here and there. That’s a wicked bummer. In general, this is one of thee most welcoming communities that I’ve ever had the pleasure of being a part of.

I agree. And I think that that speaks so much about the quality of people who choose to be food bloggers, and food influencers. They’re just good people with good messages, and with good intentions. And that’s why I want to help them succeed. Because I feel like we need more good people to have louder voices.

The way to do that is to grow, and expand, and become bigger, because I’m with you. I think … I feel honored to be able to serve the food bloggers and influencers. We just need more goodness, literally. The food, and goodness with their awesome personalities.

I mean, how can we not have a happy community, a fed community is a happy community. It makes sense that food bloggers would be happy.

A to the Men. I agree!

Dates and Sales of the 2019 Everything Food Conference

Awesome. So, tell us, as we close, tell us about EFC when 2019? What are the dates? When do tickets go on sale and all that good information?

Yes. So, we have tickets going on sale … We have a one day sale where I do $100 off. So tickets are normally $450, but for one day, on September 26th, they are $100 off, so making your ticket $350. That includes everything that is on the full conference ticket in the schedule. That includes meals, that includes presentations, key notes, events. That will cover the whole entire event.

So, what you’re saying is I need to go book some more clients so that I can get in and purchase my ticket, right?

Yes, that would be great. That would be great.

You heard it here first, listeners. Come hire me. No, I’m just kidding. Go hire your other clients so you can attend EFC this year. No excuses, on the 26th. $100 off.

Yeah, they got close to being sold out last year because we did this same sale last year. We had one day with $100 off, and they were close. I’m thinking there’s a very high probability that they will be sold out on September 26th.

Do you limit the amount of tickets sold that day? Or are you saying for the conference as a whole that it was nearly sold out.

Yeah, no. For the conference as a whole last year, on this one-day sale, they were almost completely sold out.

So, no. I have to cap the tickets at a certain number. So, I think that there’s a high likelihood that we could completely sell out of all of our tickets on September 26th.

That would be amazing. So sad for anyone that waits. So, if you are even remotely one foot on that fence, you best step over.

We promise we’ll take good care. And we have incredible speakers. We’ve always had wonderful, talented, incredible speakers. This year, we’re taking it up a notch, and yes, it will be well worth it.

Oh my goodness. Awesome.

Where to find all the social outlets and up-to-date information on the Everything Food Conference

So, tell listeners where they can go to find any the other information. The EFC website, the Facebook group? What’s the Twitter handle for it, for the Twitter chat that’s rolling out.

Yes, so if you go … It’s I have a really detailed, frequently asked questions page. You can go there. Yes, you can contact us through the contact form if your question is not answered. The Facebook group is definitely a great way to stay in touch. I highly recommend subscribing to our email newsletter. We have a really high open rate with our email newsletters because we send out a lot of announcements and good detail in our newsletter. So, yes, please subscribe to our email. And then you won’t miss anything.

Awesome. Perfect. Well thank you so much for being on the show. And I hope you sell out this year. I think that would be just an amazing feat, and I can just see it happening. You’re really made an amazing conference, and experience. And I can’t wait to see two a year. Speaking of fourth.

Yes, thank you.

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