The Foodie Movement Podcast | Episode 3 | Tanaya of the Tanaya’s Table

Tanaya Ghosh of is an amazing, well traveled & educated woman. Not only has she worked in the Public Relations field and as a food editor, she has been able to segue her education and background into a food blog and position herself as an Instagram Influencer. On the podcast Tanaya shares about the importance of playing on your strengths and making connections that count.  

Tanaya Ghosh of Tanaya's Table

About Tanaya

Tanaya is a foodie Instagram Influencer with over 20k followers. Her creative flow started in college where she had a radio show & worked as a food editor. It was during this time where she made a slew of connections that ultimately helped her transition into her current career as a food blogger who features new & upcoming restaurants, as well as original content.

Tanaya is a dynamic personality in food, travel, media, and beyond. She has appeared on numerous shows, including MasterChef as a food critic. From judging food competitions to speaking at conferences, Tanaya’s work has been featured in various publications, including The Huffington Post and Orange Coast Magazine. She has traveled around the world to cover the best eats, from street food in Hong Kong to regional cuisines across India.

Tanaya has worked with media outlets such as ABC7 Eyewitness News covering Disney’s California Adventure Food & Wine Festival and the LA County Fair, as well as hosting influencer events and doing on-stage baking demos with Sarah Michelle Gellar and more. She loves sharing her passion for adventure in all things food and travel with her vast audience and began building her multi-platform brand — Tanaya’s Table — as a food editor while earning her Masters degree in Public Relations at USC Annenberg. Combining her expertise with her love of storytelling through writing, on-camera work and content creation, Tanaya has partnered with chefs, restaurants and numerous brands including Verizon, the California Avocado Commission, and the American Cocktail Club.

Tanaya is currently partnering with the American Cocktail Club to bring your October’s drink in their subscription box. Check it out here!

“Food is the gateway to your best life.”

While working in PR, Tanaya’s mother became ill. It made her question her career choices and if it was truly what she wanted to be doing. Was this where her passion lay? Ultimately, she decided a change must be made.

“You have to remember ‘who am I?’ outside of this world.”

 Having a background like Tanaya’s helped significantly with connections. As she says in this episode “You can’t do this alone”. It’s true- to help your site get traction, you need followers. But how? In Tanaya’s case, her connections from her former career helped as well as friends in the same circle. They supported each other, not through pods or follow unfollow techniques, but real, organic growth. It took time. Patience and hard work are key to her success.

For more about Tanaya and her exciting life & career, tune in to our episode today! Don’t forget to check out her website, Tanaya’s Table, as well as take a peek at her *new* subscription box that is launching this month!

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