Today I welcome Mila Furman of Girl and the Kitchen, on the Foodie Movement Podcast. Mila has been featured in everything from Buzzfeed to Good Housekeeping. Mila is an outspoken, talented foodie and trained chef, taking the blogging world by storm and not stopping any time soon.  Russian born, Chicago living wife and mom of 2 is on the show today dishing out tips, tricks and a potluck of encouragement for women building their own dreams. 

About Mila

“You gotta be a little brave.”

Mila is a private chef by trade who blogs recipes, but truly teaches her followers techniques. She believes that if you know the correct techniques, you can cook anything. She didn’t get to where she is today though, by cooking only in restaurants and hoping people would notice her. Mila forced herself out of her comfort zone and made her own fanbase. By going out and immersing herself in local favorites-in her case, Chicago locals- she created a loyal following. Her biggest advice is to start local and be authentic. People may not always be receptive to you, but if you’re authentic to yourself & your brand, you will create that online and in person following.

“Create a following that is local.”

Mila has a slew of lenses and will tell you immediately however, it’s not your gear that makes the photos, but the light source. You don’t need to spend $500 on every amazing lense you see once you understand your lighting. She even shots in manual mode! Goals, right?!

For more about Mila, her exciting life & career, tune in to our episode today! Don’t forget to check out her website, Girl and the Kitchen. Then send her an email and let her know how much you loved having her on the show!

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