It’s so easy to get overwhelmed when starting a new blog. You have people coming at you in every part of the internet telling you what to do, what to invest in, and where to go. Today I’m giving you three easy tasks to implement in your blogging strategy that won’t cost you a dime. These three tips for creating a successful blog will help you have more time and focus your attention where it really matters.


Plan Your Blog Content

We’re going to start with the big one here because I don’t like beating around the bush. PLAN YOUR BLOG CONTENT. I’m serious. You can take one or two days and plan out your entire blog content for the year. Then based on your writing style and motivation, you could really write all your blog posts in one month. Can you imagine? Taking one month and planning all of your blog content, writing it, and scheduling it out for the year!  I have three websites – crazy I know – and it took me 3 hours one night to plan out all of the topics for my blog posts for each site. You can read more about how exactly I did that here.

Schedule Your Instagram on Sunday Nights

Schedule your Instagram for the week on Sunday nights. Using programs like CoSchedule, Hootsuite, and such make it really easy for you to plan your images, hashtags, and content ahead of time. Take a few hours on a Sunday night (or whatever night you typically have off) and schedule it for the week. If you already have step one of planning your content down, then you should be able to easily and quickly decide on content and photos that are going to seamlessly refer back to your blog post for the week, and push people to your site. The awesome thing too about choosing to do even just Instagram, is its ability to link with Facebook. So even if you don’t have a strategy yet for Facebook or don’t have enough of a following to really justify it, use the Instagram connection to your Facebook page. Then you’re getting a two for one! Plan your Instagram out and know that your Facebook is taken care of too through the link.

Create a List of Groups to Promote in on Facebook

Groups are amazing and there are so many out there. With Facebook’s algorithms constantly changing, and new groups being created every day, it’s easy to forget about the ones you are not the most active in. Take an hour or so and go through your group list. Create an excel spreadsheet in Google Docs and list the name of the groups and their prompts for the week or the month. Include a URL directly to the group. Then during your lunch time, go and click on the appropriate ones to share your information for the pertaining prompt. Make connections with people and other businesses. Get yours seen and be open to the communication. Search for other groups in the suggestion side bar and remember to add those to your list as well.

That’s it. Three super easy tips to use to make your time work for you – not the other way around.

By grouping tasks like this together and strategically planning, you’re bound to feel more confident and less stressed each day.

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